Love The Edgy Style But Not The Price? Tips For Creating A Modern, Edgy Look On A Dime

Do you have that one girlfriend who can effortlessly pull off the funky, edgy style you can't seem to master? If the problem isn't a lack of style but a lack of funds, you might be searching for a way to create a funky, edgy looking without breaking the bank. From mixing your current clothing and accessories with trendy fashion jewelry to learning where and how to shop for bargain funky styles, here are a few tips to help you create the modern look of your dreams:

Mixing Edgy Jewelry and The Clothes In Your Closet

If your taste in clothing is conservative, vintage or even a little country, you might be wondering how to pair what you have in the closet with your new, trendy jewelry. It might take a few wardrobe changes and some style disasters, but you will find a way to create a unique look that is both classic and edgy.

Here are a few tips to help you on your way:

  • Go through your wardrobe and pick out the classic, timeless pieces. These include solid color T-shirts and tank tops, jeans, solid-colored blazers, maxi dresses and a great pair of black pumps. These pieces will work with almost any type of jewelry, so mix and match them as needed to create unique looks

  • When in doubt, pair your funkiest, out there pieces with a classic little black dress or a pair of jeans and a white button up shirt. Both of these looks are timeless and can be paired with all your edgy jewelry.

  • Pay attention to the metallic finish on your clothing, and use larger, funky pieces to bring them out. For example, if you have a coat with beautiful gold buttons, bring out the color by wearing a large cuff and a gold statement necklace.

In addition to these wardrobe staples, it's just as important to have a few jewelry staples to pair with your edgier pieces. According to the Chic Fashionista, no woman should be without a gorgeous strand of pearls, diamond studs, classic wrist watch and a pair of simple hoop earrings. These pieces will make your edgier jewelry less severe and, like the little black dress, will look good with anything!

Where Can I Find Trendy Jewelry For Less?

You're ready to show off your edgier, funkier side, but you aren't sure where to find the jewelry you need to express yourself? As a rule, it is best to spend less on trendy pieces that will only be in style for a single season. If you're going to splurge, spend money on a piece of jewelry that is timeless.

If you're strapped for cash but still want to accessorize your new edgy look, here are a few ways to save big money on trendy jewelry:

  • Avoid buying jewelry when it is in demand, including Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and Christmas. Instead, go shopping when the jewelry stores are well stocked, and the prices are generally lower. This includes March and the end of summer.

  • Know your metals. 24-karat gold, sterling silver and platinum are beautiful, but these precious metals will have the highest price tag. Instead, look for pieces that are constructed from 10-karat or 14-karat gold. The lower the number, the cheaper the price tag and because the gold is mixed with other base metals, such as cooper, these less expensive pieces are more durable.

  • Look for the one word that is better than clearance — overstock. Generally, when items are still left over from a clearance sale, their price is reduced and they are considered overstock. You'll be amazed at how much you can save on pieces that would otherwise be out of your budget.

It doesn't cost a small fortune to capture the edgy, trendy style that you've always envied. All you'll need are a few classic pieces from your closet and that funky jewelry you've been dying to wear!