Do's And Don'Ts For Celebrating Husband Appreciation Day

Husband Appreciation Day is a holiday that comes along each year on the third Saturday in April. However, whether you choose to celebrate it on this day or the day of your choice is up to you. The important thing is that you celebrate and let your husband know how very much you love him. Although everyday displays of love and affection are nice, the grander gestures on holidays can create wonderful memories and give your husband an even greater sense of your love. 

Do Consider Buying a Creative Piece of Jewelry for Your Husband

People often mistakenly assume that guys don't care much for jewelry. However, men tend to be visually oriented more often than women, so it makes sense that guys would appreciate the beauty of a creatively designed piece of jewelry. Request that a jeweler choose stones in his favorite color for the piece in addition to diamonds. You may even choose to add some other personalized touches as well or engrave it with a short note about your love. This grand gesture can really thrill your husband.

Don't Assume That Your Husband Prefers Action Over Affection

If you consider advice from women's magazines, you may assume that men prefer physical displays of love to other signs of affection, but that is certainly not always true. Step up your romance game and lavish affection of all kinds on your spouse for Husband Appreciation Day.

You may try things like writing specific things you love for your guy and placing them in different areas of the home you know he'll look. You may also put a love note in his briefcase or lunch bag. The key is to let him know how much you love him with your words as well as your deeds.

Do Ask Your Husband Out on a Fun, Customized Date

It's a lot of fun to plan a date, so don't let your husband have all the fun. Also, he'll appreciate being on the receiving end of a creatively planned date that caters to his preferences. The perfect time for a planned date is Husband Appreciation Day.

Start out the night with a bouquet of flowers, then continue with dinner at his favorite restaurant and a movie in the genre of his choice. Alternately, get creative and take him to a gaming center, miniature golf course, or other place you know he'll love. You may choose to give your husband the jewelry you bought on the customized date.

Finally, keep in mind that your husband is sure to love all the affection and attention (and jewelry) that's at the heart of all you do for Husband Appreciation Day. Don't be afraid to put yourself on the line and risk being silly to express your love for your husband. Go big with your floral arrangements and plans, and your husband will probably grin from ear to ear from yet another affirmation of your love.