Considerations When Choosing An Engagement Ring

Finding your life partner can be an exciting process. Once you believe that you have identified the right person, you may make plans for a marriage proposal. These plans will likely include an engagement ring. 

Here are a few considerations when choosing the right ring.

Diamond Quality

Many engagement rings include a diamond as the central stone. In order to select the best stone, you should be familiar with the components that jewelers consider when assessing a diamond's quality. They include the following:

  • Clarity. The clarity of a diamond is based on the number of inclusions that keep the stone from being completely clear. More than likely, the diamond that you select will contain some flaws. However, in a quality stone, these characteristics may not be noticeable without the aid of a magnifier lens, such as that found in the jeweler's loupe.
  • Cut. The cut of the diamond determines how sparkly the stone will appear. A stone with the a great cut will sparkle and shine as it refracts light.
  • Carat. The carat of a diamond denotes the weight of the stone. If multiple diamonds are used in an engagement ring, the total carats of the ring may be listed.
  • Color. Diamonds can come in multiple hues. However, white diamonds are still the most popular choice for an engagement ring. White diamonds that are most colorless are considered the most desirable.


The cost of the engagement ring should also be considered. It is important to purchase a ring that you can actually afford. However, keep in mind that you may not have to pay the full price of the jewelry upfront.

Many jewelers offer jewelry loans that allow the cost of the ring to be financed and payed in affordable increments. To determine whether you qualify for a jewelry loan, the jeweler may request a picture id and information concerning your income and employment. Additionally, they will likely perform a credit check.

Many jewelry loans can finance up to $100,000 for an engagement ring. However, even if you are approved for a large sum, you should consider the term of the loan. Some jewelry loans are designed to be paid in full within 90 days or less. Others offer a substantially greater amount of time to repay the borrowed money. Still, it is important to ensure that you can afford and meet the payments of the loan for duration of the term.

If you are interested in purchasing an engagement ring, visit a jeweler in your local area.