Don't Toss Your Grandfather's Old Watch: Easy Fixes To Bring It Back To Life

There are certain family heirlooms that might have enormous sentimental value are also things that you can use. These might be a well-seasoned cast iron fry pan that your great grandmother used, or the might be a really fine piece of jewelry. While this is great, it can also stress out someone who uses these heirlooms on a semi-frequently basis. If you do happen to use them often enough, you might be concerned about damaging them. This can be a real concern especially if you're wearing a nice piece of jewelry such as a watch. This is the reason so many people tend to leave these classic watches to sit in drawers and fade away. But this doesn't have to be the case. You can bring that watch to a jewelry repair service, have it overhauled so that it's in good shape, and then wear it comfortably. Here's how you can do it.

Make Sure The Lens Is In Good Shape

The lens on your grandfather's watch is most likely not plastic, especially if it's an older watch. It will either be glass or crystal. If this material is cracked, even in the slightest, then water can get in and ruin the watch. It not only will ruin the gears (causing rust and other water damage) but it also will cause water stains to the face of the watch. Therefore, you will want to bring the watch to a jewelry repair service and have them inspect the lens. Even if the lens is not cracked, the seals might not be tight, which present a similar problem. You might not even be able to see it with the naked eye. The jeweler will be able to inspect it and determine if the watch needs to have a lens replaced or simply have the seals repaired.

Movement Overhaul

The movement refers to the inside of the watch, the gears and small parts that make the watch move and keep the correct time. You will want the jeweler to look at the watch and make sure the movement is in good shape. They have special jeweler's tools that will allow them to take the watch apart, inspect all of the movements pieces, and see if any of them need repair or even replacement.

Strap Repair

One of the most vulnerable parts of the watch that you need to have repaired is the strap. If it's an old leather strap, then it might be cracked and still. That not only doesn't look good, but it can also be dangerous. If you don't get it repaired, then the strap might crack while you're wearing the watch, allowing it to fall off and hit the floor. So, make sure to have the strap checked out and fixed or replaced.

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