All About The Peridot: August's Birthstone

Each month has a different stone or crystal that is associated with it. Those born in that month can wear that stone as a symbol of their birthday, and of luck in general. For August, that crystal is a peridot, which is a vibrant green stone that resembles a pale-colored emerald. If you or someone you love was born in August, then you deserve to learn a but more about the peridot.

Where are peridots obtained?

Peridots can be mined all over the world. Some are mined in the US, but others come from China, Vietnam, and Pakistan. Occasionally, peridots are found on certain shores in Hawaii. When this occurs, they are usually collected, cleaned up, and sold on the island. If you buy a peridot from a higher-end jeweler, they will usually tell you where the peridot came from. It can be fun to know how far your peridot has journeyed before becoming yours.

How hard are peridots?

They're not as hard as diamonds! Crystal hardness is measured on a scale called the Mohs scale. Diamonds are a 10 on the Mohs scale. For comparison,a peridot has a hardness rating of about 6.5. For this reason, peridots are not usually used on rings; they would wear out and scratch too easily. They are, however, a good choice for birthstone earrings, since earrings don't have to put up with as much abuse!

What do peridots mean?

Not everyone believes in crystal meanings, but those who do believe that peridots are a symbol of balance. Keeping a peridot around is said to help align the many cycles of your life, including your emotional phases and intellectual process.

Peridots are also said to help their holders find items that have been lost. They can also help you find your own inner self when you feel as if it has been lost. Wearing a peridot at night can help you free your mind and enjoy more restful sleep. This is another reason why peridot earrings are so popular; you can wear a small pair at night without them getting in the way.

If someone you love was born in August, a pair of peridot earrings is the perfect gift. This stone can have some real benefits in their life, and its olive green color is truly unique. Contact companies like Styles By JS to learn more about your options for purchasing peridot earrings.