Tips For Choosing The Right Jewelry To Wear On Your Wedding Day

A wedding dress is usually considered the star of the show, but for the biggest impact on your wedding day, it is always a good idea to accessorize your gown with beautiful jewelry. Choosing your wedding dress should happen first-- your jewelry and other accessories will greatly depend on the style and color of your wedding dress. After you have selected your wedding gown, you can then make decisions about what jewelry to wear on your big day. If you're planning a wedding, use the following tips to select the jewelry you will wear on your wedding day:

Remember, Less is More

Most women want to look their absolute best on their wedding day, so it can be very tempting to over-accessorize. When it comes to bridal jewelry, the saying "less is more" definitely applies. Try to avoid making the mistake of wearing bracelets on both wrists, an ornate necklace, several rings, and large impact earrings all at the same time. No matter how beautiful the jewelry is, wearing too much on your wedding day will distract from your face, hairstyle, and wedding gown. You are much better off choosing a few pieces of jewelry that will elevate your wedding look instead of overwhelming it.

Think About the Neckline of Your Wedding Dress

When it comes to selecting jewelry for your wedding day, you need to pay close attention to the neckline of your wedding dress, as it will make a big difference when choosing a bridal necklace or opting for not wearing one at all. If your wedding dress has a v-neck, you may want to consider wearing a gorgeous bridal long pave necklace, which will complement the neckline of the dress. A strapless dress looks great with a delicate pendant worn on a shorter chain necklace. Always make sure that the necklace that you wear is a good match for the neckline of your wedding gown.

Wear What You Feel Comfortable In

The goal of a wedding look is for the bride to look like the best version of herself. Thus, when you're choosing your wedding jewelry, make sure that the pieces that you select reflect your personal style and what you feel comfortable wearing. If you don't like wearing large, ornate earrings, then skip them on your wedding day and choose studs instead. When you opt for jewelry that you're very comfortable wearing, you will feel more confident so you can enjoy your day and glow in your wedding photos. 

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