Are You Planning For Your Wife's Fortieth Birthday?

If your wife is turning forty years old, she might look at that special day with mixed emotions. On one hand, she might be lamenting the fact that the years are passing too rapidly. On the other hand, she might feel that she has finally arrived at a more important status in her life, as she knows herself better than she ever did.

No matter the circumstances, you are more than likely wanting to make it a special day, aren't you? Do you already have a plan? Do you already have her birthday gift? If that's not the case, from buying diamond jewelry to planning a special event, here are some ideas that might help you.

Buy Her Diamond Jewelry

What could be more special for your wife than receiving a piece of diamond jewelry on her birthday? Consider the kind of diamond that you want to purchase. For example, when you got married, did you give her a very simple and inexpensive engagement ring? If so, would she appreciate having a larger diamond ring? She might treasure her original engagement ring so much that she won't want to take it off her finger. However, she could wear the new ring on her right hand. 

Perhaps you would like to incorporate your wife's birthstone along with the diamond. For example, if your wife's birthday will be in September, a sapphire and diamond ring would more than likely be a perfect choice. Or, maybe she'd love a sapphire and diamond tennis bracelet. A jeweler will be happy to help you with your selection. He or she will have the experience and the training to select excellent stones.

Plan The Birthday Event

Consider the kind of event your wife would enjoy most. For example, would she love having friends over for dinner? If you decide to plan a birthday party at your home, just make sure that your wife doesn't have to do any work. Consider having the party catered.

Perhaps your wife would rather have a romantic evening with you. If that's the case, think of arranging for a limo service to take you to a very elegant restaurant. If you didn't give her the diamond jewelry at the beginning of the day, wouldn't a romantic dinner together be the perfect place to give her the present? Or, if you gave it to her earlier, she can have the fun of wearing it as she gets all dressed up to go out on the town.