Getting Married? 3 Things To Ask At The Ring Store

When you propose to the person you love, it helps to have a little box with something beautiful and sparkly inside. Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing a ring, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are three things you should ask at the wedding ring store, and why. 

1. Do You Have Financing Options? 

Engagement rings vary in price significantly, but regardless of how much you want to pay, when you are young, every ounce of help is worth its weight in gold. When you visit stores to talk with the jewelers, ask them if they have financing options, and whether or not they let you apply before your shopping trip. Some businesses make it easy to pre-qualify for a set amount, so that you know exactly how much you can spend before you visit the store with your fiancee. 

2. What Does The Ring Come With? 

While some rings come with nothing but a pretty box, others come with convenient warranties, the ability to bring the jewelry in anytime for cleaning, and even the option to have the metal re-dipped later to increase its shine. 

Talk with jewelers about what the ring comes with and ask if they would consider throwing anything else in to sweeten the deal. For instance, some jewelers might be willing to add a warranty or a cleaning kit to make it easier to keep immaculate. 

3. Do You Accept Returns? 

While most people feel pretty solid about their relationships before popping the question, you just never know what will happen when you actually propose. If you ask someone to marry you and they say "no," having the opportunity to return the ring is an incredible opportunity that could save you a lot of money down the line. 

Talk with jewelers about whether or not they accept returns, so you are ready regardless of what the answer is. By having a backup plan, you can protect your finances, which can make it easier to recover if the night doesn't go as planned. 

If you are in love and thinking about getting married, turn to a wedding ring supplier in your area. Consider visiting the shop before you bring your fiancee to ask the questions you have, so that you don't feel shy about talking about money in front of your soon-to-be-spouse. By doing your research, you can broach the ring shopping trip confidently, and prevent unpleasant surprises.