3 Things to Remember When Pawning Basketball Sneakers

Sneaker culture has become more mainstream in recent years. The demand for interesting and unique footwear has given rise to a thriving secondary sneaker market.

Pawn shops have even started to get in on the action, offering loans for certain types of basketball sneakers. 

If you are interested in making some extra cash by pawning your sneakers, there are some vital things you will need to know before dealing with a pawnbroker. Keep reading to learn how to pawn basketball shoes.

1. Market Value Dictates a Pawn Offer

Anyone who collects sneakers can tell you that some pairs are worth more than others. Pawnbrokers must be familiar with the current market value of a particular item before they can offer money to their customers in exchange for these items.

Take the time to check the value of similar basketball shoes being sold online and in thrift stores before you hit your local pawn shop.

If you understand the market value of your sneakers, you will be in a better position to determine if you are getting a good deal when the pawnbroker makes you an offer for your shoes.

2. Condition Matters

The condition that your sneakers are in matters when it comes to determining the amount of money a pawnbroker will be willing to offer for that pair.

Take the time to give your shoes a thorough cleaning before you bring them into your local pawn shop. Wipe away any scuff marks and ensure that the soles of the sneakers are as clean as possible. Replace old and dingy shoelaces with a new pair to help enhance the aesthetic of the shoes.

The closer your sneakers look to being brand new, the more money you are likely to get for them in a pawn shop.

3. Don't Bother with Low-End Brands

There are certain brands of basketball sneakers that can demand hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars. Pawn shops are interested in carrying these types of sneakers on their shelves.

Sort through your sneakers to separate the low-end brands from the most desirable brands. You will have better luck generating significant cash if you only bring your most exclusive and unique sneakers to a pawn shop.

Don't bother with the low-end brands, as your pawnbroker probably won't offer you any money for these inferior sneakers.

Selling your sneakers at a pawn shop can be a great way to earn some extra cash. Identify the market value of your shoes, give them a good cleaning, and focus on high-end brands to maximize your profit.