3 Consequences of Buying a Fake Rolex Watch

If you set out to purchase a Rolex watch and end up with a counterfeit, it might not seem like a huge deal. However, whether or not you realize it, buying a fake watch comes with some unwelcome circumstances. Learn more about why it is always best to purchase from an authentic Rolex watch dealer

1. Waste of Money

The worst thing about purchasing a fake Rolex is the fact that you will waste money, and possibly, a considerable amount of money. The Rolex brand is associated with luxury, so the average counterfeit seller is wise enough to know that they cannot price their product too low. 

As a result, it is easy to spend hundreds and maybe thousands on a counterfeit watch. Counterfeit watches tarnish easily, and their internal mechanisms do not last, so before you know it, the watch will be unwearable. A Rolex is an investment, so be sure to protect your investment by sticking with established, authentic watch dealers. 

2. Legal Consequences

Did you know that you could also get in legal trouble if you purchase a counterfeit watch? Sometimes, you can be charged for having stolen goods if your purchase can be traced back. Someone could even have charges brought against them by the Rolex brand if they are unaware the watch is not authentic when they take the watch in for service or repair. 

Keep in mind that as long as the buyer is unaware that the watch was fake, they should be able to get their name cleared, but it can be a hassle, so it is a process you want to avoid. 

3. Irreversible Damage

It might be easy to overlook but purchasing a counterfeit Rolex can also cause irreversible damage to your reputation. For example, consider someone who purchased the watch for someone else as a gift. Once the person found out the watch was a counterfeit, they would likely never look at the gift giver the same and would likely question their character. Once your reputation is tarnished, it can be hard to rebuild it.

Keep in mind, an authentic Rolex watch will always come with a unique serial number and production date verification, so do your research. An authentic dealer will always be able to provide you with these details to verify your purchase. 

Keep all these tips in mind as you search for a new watch to buy and remember — always partner with an authentic dealer.